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Software to support your business

An increasing number of companies are switching to the "Perun" software. It is a web-based application that offers a wide range of bookkeeping and business management capabilities.


Lawyer’s Office Stevanović and "Standard Prva" invite their debtors of IRBRS (part of the portfolio, which is redeemed) to contact us for the purpose of regulating debt payment

"Standard Prva" LLC Bijeljina and Lawyers Office Stevanović invite the debtors, whose receivables were purchased by "Standard Accounting Services" LLC Bijeljina from the Republic of Srpska Investment-Development Bank, to contact us for the purpose of achieving peaceful dispute settlement in the means of paying debts.


Representatives of "Standard Prva" at "Go" Conference in Banja Luka

"Go" Conference was held in Banja Luka and it gathered a great number of experts in the sphere of modern technologies, where the dominant topic was development of economy influenced by contemporary technologies.


"United Development" ready for the new season on Jahorina

The high-quality start of the season on the OC Jahorina was marked by great number of guests. "United Development" LLC has completed its investment in real estate portfolio at the most beautiful mountain in the region, and it is expected to have a great number of guests from all parts of Europe.

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