Seka Sabljić

Accounting Services and Book-Keeping

One of the primary businesses of our Group is accountancy. Several hundreds of clients, whose business books are regularly kept, whose tax reports are submitted and of whose growth and development we take care every day, are the indicators of the high-quality business and superior approach to creation of the new value. The Company was founded in 2015 and it soon became recognisable as a strong partner to all the clients, with the focus on opening.

Accountancy and book-keeping agencies as a unit represent a concept, which was overcome a long time ago. Our understanding of accountancy is far away from the regular approach, double book entry and concept without soul.

For us: accountancy represents a gist, essence of business functioning and it shows health and flowing energy in the company.

Our services include book-keeping for entrepreneurs, physical entities, SMEs, as well as all businesses of trade-financial accountancy.

In order to get an offer for book-keeping, you can contact us via or via telephone 00387 55 22 4444.

The company used to operate under the name "Standard Accounting Services" LLC Bijeljina from 2015 until December 2023, and now it operates under the name "Standard Prva" LLC Bijeljina.

Copyright (c) Standard Prva d.o.o. Bijeljina 2024. All rights reserved. Legal services are provided exclusively by the Law Office of Vesna Stevanović or Miloš Stevanović from Bijeljina. Accounting services are provided by "Standard Prva" d.o.o. Secretarial and related services are provided by "United Development" d.o.o. Bijeljina.