Following ESG standards

Besides its regular business operations, our Group started conducting internal politics, which include ESG standards (environmental, social, governance).

All members of our Group started implementing these standards and they primarily refer to the relation towards environment (reduction in paper usage, digitalisation, check-ups and audit, which has an effect on management of the waste made by the members), relation to the social community, where through financial and other forms of support, we make our surrounding sustainable and healthy.

Implementation of ESG standards was consigned to Miloš Pantić, member of our team, who is a head of digitalisation and whole clerk’s office in Lawyer’s Office Stevanović. Miloš lost his sense of hearing as a young boy, but no matter of all the difficulties, he became a very successful member of the society. We chose him to manage all the changes in the company, which deal with the support of the surrounding in which we are working.

Miloš is a proud father of two daughters and "Standard Prva" became a place where he together with the other members of our team, created the new value.

Besides support to persons without sense of hearing, our Group supports in many ways the great number of students and persons with special needs, where the first aim is to create awareness that they are equally valuable and they belong to the community.

Miloš PantićMiloš Pantić

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