O našoj korporaciji

About the corporation "Standard Prva"

"Standard Prva" Group is a set of companies, which operate on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and they gather businesses, which deal with accountancy and tax representation, legal services (which are provided only via Lawyer’s Office Stevanović), business and secretary services, software solutions in the sphere of accountancy, investment in real estate as well as in new businesses (angel investing), but also purchase of the receivables and providing support to freelance businesses.

The company was created as a support to Lawyer’s Office Stevanović, which has become a leader in the sphere of lawyers’ services in the region. According to that there were created diversified activities, whose aim is to cooperate with great base of clients, who beside the legal services, also require excellent services in the sphere of accountancy, taxes and secretary services.

Today, all companies operate under the brand named "Standard Prva", which officially started working under that name on December 2023.

The Group only deals with services, which are strictly related to providing support to the clients. It was created as a business platform, which takes into account the legal aspects of client’s business, accounting part and taxes, all that at the same place, while that unit is encircled through software system Perun.

The Group is engaged in the great number of investment projects in the country or through partner lawyer’s house or via its accounting segment. At the same time, since 2021, the related persons in the Group were actively engaged in businesses of acquiring receivables, which have been expired, hard to be charged or they have difficult charging technique in some other way. We are specialists for that type of receivables and their later charge (distressed debt) via court through enforcement or acquisition procedures.

Since 2020 the Group started to have significant investments in the accountancy software, because we recognised the market space in the means of nowadays software solutions, which are either too expensive or they have no adequately offered solutions when it comes to reporting, and the separate segment is bad service support, which could not follow the clients’ growth and their greater demands.

Copyright (c) Standard Prva d.o.o. Bijeljina 2024. All rights reserved. Legal services are provided exclusively by the Law Office of Vesna Stevanović or Miloš Stevanović from Bijeljina. Accounting services are provided by "Standard Prva" d.o.o. Secretarial and related services are provided by "United Development" d.o.o. Bijeljina.