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Repurchases of receivables

Repurchases of the receivables (legally, more properly is to say cession of claims with compensation) is one of the leading businesses within StandardPrva corporation.

We have been registered for the activity of repurchasing the receivables, which are due for payment, out of currency (which differentiates us from factoring – an activity that is not in our scope of work), and we have performed several great receivables in the last years. Our specialty is servicing of these receivables, where our teams of lawyers and accountants access the system of payment in a completely different way, than usual:

The problem of payment is solved in a legal and fast way, deeply dealing with the disputable claims and promoting legal-economic modalities, which most certainly bring charge of claims, no matter of the type of claim, i.e. which collaterals were offered. Up to now,the success of the charge has been over 85% in the repurchased receivables.

If you have claims, which you would like to assign or if you have problems with charging your debts, please contact us via e-mail: distressed.debt@advokati-stevanovic.com or at 0038755 22 4444.

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