Business and Secretary Services

One of our main tasks for our clients is foundation of companies and taking care of them from the very beginning.

Standard Prva offers foundation of companies, business and secretary services (virtual office), and services of renting space for meetings for the needs of a client.

Registracija kompanijaRegistration of companies
Lasts for 10 work days and then a client gets a company, ID number, seal and address
AK StevanovićServices provided by Lawyer’s Office Stevanović
Registration of companies
Sekretarske uslugeSecretary services
Company address, receival and sending of the mails
virtual office
Iznajmljivanje poslovnog prostoraRenting business space for single events
ideal for work meetings
up to 30 participants, we offer translation to Arabic, Mandarin and English

Our legal team will be glad to help you with our secretary services. Please contact us at

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