"United Development" ready for the new season on Jahorina

"United Development" ready for the new season on Jahorina


Beginning of December 2023 marked the start of the new tourist season on Jahorina mountain, which will traditionally gather a great number of tourists from the whole Europe. "United Development" LLC Bijeljina is ready for this season on Jahorina, so they performed significant investments in the real estate portfolio, which were acquired during 2022 and 2023 in the complex "Nivalis" located at the ski path "Poljice".

Strategic commitment of the "United Development" LLC for investments on Jahorina, was created primarily because of the great demand of touristic potentials onJahorina, but also for the greater and greater worry of the local and republican authorities on infrastructure, which is a key question for work of the Olympic mountain.

Simultaneously, in media statement, which I gave at the last informal meeting in Bijeljina, which gathered touristic workers and representatives of the investor, Filip Božić said that "company supports regulating of the tourism balance at the most, as well as the greater level of social responsibility when it comes to guest registration, real estate renting, regular tax payment, which is a priority for "United Development".

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