Software to support your business

Software to support your business


Perun is a web-based application for bookkeeping and business management. Our software is specialized for all businesses, whether they are small enterprises, tailoring salons, freelancers, companies with production, or law firms.

The application is designed to be accessible via the internet from any browser and to track invoicing, inventory in real-time, alerting users to any changes in stock levels and drawing attention to any business deviations. With a click, you have AI fully integrated into Perun.

During February 2024, the company "Bonatti" d.o.o. Bijeljina transferred its entire operations to Perun, and we will soon publish a case study about it.

You can read more details about our software at this link.

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"Standard Prva" LLC Bijeljina is a company registered in Bijeljina at the District Commercial Court in Bijeljina. Company’s activities are accountancy, repurchases of receivables, angel investing and other related services. Distressed debt is a part of the Group within which the company repurchases the receivables, which function and are not returned regularly.

Lawyer’s Office Stevanović is the leading lawyer’s office in the region with the seat in Bijeljina. The LO abbreviation represents Lawyer’s Office of Vesna Stevanović and Lawyer’s Office of Miloš Stevanović.

Contact for media or via telephone 00 387 55 230 000 or 00387 55 22 4444.

Copyright (c) Standard Prva d.o.o. Bijeljina 2024. All rights reserved. Legal services are provided exclusively by the Law Office of Vesna Stevanović or Miloš Stevanović from Bijeljina. Accounting services are provided by "Standard Prva" d.o.o. Secretarial and related services are provided by "United Development" d.o.o. Bijeljina.