Representatives of "Standard Prva" at "Go" Conference in Banja Luka

Representatives of "Standard Prva" at "Go" Conference in Banja Luka


"Go" Conference was held in Banja Luka and it gathered a great number of experts in the sphere of modern technologies, where the dominant topic was development of economy influenced by contemporary technologies.

Miloš Stevanović, lawyer and founder of "Standard Prva" spoke at the panel "Politics of the Region in the World of Modern Technologies". Besides him, the speakers were also Draško Stanivuković, mayor of Banja Luka, Denis Šulić, Minister of Trade and Tourism in the Government of the Republic of Srpska and Denis Turkanović,Director of the Agency for Information and Communication Technology.

Lawyer Stevanović, while responding to questions raised by the panel moderator, Vedran Škoro, pointed out that artificial intelligence is very useful and that within the scope of work of "Standard Prva" it is regularly used, mostly in communication with international clients (modules of book entry, balance and similar). However, it is evident that the independence of some versions of AI becomes troublesome and that, due to some of the conclusions heard at the meeting in Bletchley Park in London during November 2023, where the AI Summit was held, there should start with regulating the work of artificial intelligence as soon as possible.

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